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10 of the best Cotswold gins

A gin boom in the last few years has seen a host of small producers springing up across the UK, and the Cotswolds is no exception, with an impressive number of boutique distilleries creating high-quality artisan gins. Whether served neat, with tonic, ice and a slice of lemon, or in a creative cocktail, these fantastic Cotswold gins are a delicious taste of the region – cheers!

10 of our favourite Cotswold gins

10 of the best Cotswold gins
Gin and tonic

1. Cotswolds Distillery

Founded in 2014, the Cotswolds Distillery is the biggest and best-known of the Cotswold gin producers. Their distillery is located in Stourton in the northeast Cotswolds, but they also have shops in Broadway and Bourton-on-the-Water where you can pick up a bottle. You can also join in a tour and tasting at the distillery or in Broadway – or do one online if you live further afield.

If you fancy trying your hand at making your own gin, they run Gin Blending Masterclasses in Stourton and Broadway where you can choose from different botanical and fruit flavours to create your own special blend, with expert advice on how to turn it into the perfect Martini.

Their flagship Cotswolds Dry Gin – which goes cloudy when you add tonic – is an aromatic London Dry with nine botanicals. But they also do a changing range of special Cotswold gins, including hedgerow and wildflower gins, as well as their own Cotswold whisky. Buy online*

Cotswolds Dry Gin from the Cotswolds Distillery
Cotswolds Dry Gin

2. Sibling Gin

Located on the outskirts of Cheltenham, Sibling Distillery was founded in 2014 by two brothers and two sisters who inherited their drinks skills from their brewery-owning parents. They do everything on site, from distilling their own base spirits to bottling their gin. You can also take a distillery tour to see how it’s done or blend your own gin – they’re generous with samples so book a taxi!

Sibling’s Original Gin has notes of citrus, vanilla and blueberry, and they also make a range of seasonal gins, including a winter warmer infused with festive cranberries and clementines. Or serve their Negroni Gin with tonic for a bitter, Italian-style aperitivo. Buy online*

Sibling Gin from Sibling Distillery near Cheltenham
Tasting at Sibling Gin Distillery

3. Gin in a Tin

Gin in a Tin is the creation of gin connoisseur Martin Agius, who runs The Gin Pantry at The Plough Inn Kelmscott. He used his years of gin expertise to create his own custom gin blends, partnering with his artistic daughter Charlotte to design their unusual packaging. The brand focuses on sustainability, using locally sourced botanicals, recyclable materials and packaging.

Dubbed ‘The United Colours of Juniper’, their range features a range of different flavour combinations – Sage, Fig and Thyme is one of our favourites. And as well as a core collection of numbered gins, each in a different colour tin, they also make seasonal specials. Buy online

Gin in a Tin's Sag, Fig and Thyme gin from the Cotswolds
Gin in a Tin’s Sag, Fig and Thyme gin

4. Polo Gin

Polo Gin was founded by a former professional polo player after injury forced him to retire from the sport. After discovering that British polo players in India were among the first people to mix gin and tonic in India in 1857, Polo Gin was born, a smooth easy-drinking gin that’s made using sustainable, organic production methods. Since then they have won multiple Great Taste Gold Awards.

Their original Botanical and Classic Polo Gins have been joined in the stable (apologies for the pun) by hedgerow foraged Sloe Gin, Strawberry and Rose, and Rhubarb and Plum gins, all using 100% organic botanicals. And they also make a delicious double spiced rum. Buy online*

Polo Gin Original and Sloe gins
Polo Gin Original and Sloe Gin (photo © Polo Gin)

5. Garden Swift Gin

Named after Latin term for roe deer, the Capreolus Cotswold gin distillery started off producing locally harvested fruit like apples, pears, plums, damsons and blackberries to make eaux de vie – a type of clear fruit brandy. The business is run from distiller Barney Wilczak’s greenhouse, but has expanded to a team of four family and friends and added two gins to their repertoire.

Their Garden Swift Gin (formerly known as Garden Tiger) uses 34 carefully selected botanicals, including Sicilian blood orange and flowers from the lime tree. And there’s also the Hart and Dart gin, which is aged in a mulberry wood barrel to add sweetness and spice. Buy online*

Garden Swift Gin from Capreolus Distillery
Garden Swift Gin

6. Douglas Fir Gin

For something a bit different, how about a Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass, Earl Grey Tea or Douglas Fir infused gin? Twisting Spirits is run by a husband and wife team Mary and Rich, who started distilling in their garage in Oxfordshire in 2017 before moving to a small unit in Tewkesbury. They do everything by hand, from distilling and bottling to labelling and boxing the gins.

Twisting Spirits are known for their bold, fresh-tasting gins with contemporary flavours and colourful bottles. As well as their standard range there are also special edition gins, including a unique Kimchi Gin, with spicy, savoury flavours from Mary’s homemade kimchi. Buy online*

Douglas Fir Gin from Twisting Spirits Cotswold gins
Douglas Fir Gin (photo © Twisting Spirits)

7. Boutique Distillery Gin

After starting out making moonshine in the New Zealand bush, Boutique Distillery relocated to Gloucestershire and began crafting their artisan gins. This eco-friendly distillery is the only one in the country that’s built its own copper still – known as ‘Ginavive’ – from scratch using upcycled materials, and uses 100% renewable energy and condensers which reduce water usage.

Their original Fine Dry Gin is produced in small batches and uses 13 botanicals to give it flavours of juniper, cardamom, citrus and floral, which makes a cloudy G&T when mixed. They also have a pretty in pink Raspberry & Hibiscus Gin which uses local raspberries. Buy online

Boutique Distillery Gin from Gloucestershire
Boutique Distillery Gin (photo © Boutique Distillery)

8. Piston Distillery

Piston Distillery started life in Worcester before opening a distillery at Cheltenham’s Staverton airfield. Founder Nick Weatherall wanted to challenge old school methods, creating a unique recipe for his classic London Dry gin. Since then the range has expanded with a selection of flavoured gins, from ginger or coffee-infused gin to raspberry and hibiscus or Black Forest flavours.

They also run a Gin School where you make your own gin in their state-of-the-art labs. You start by learning about the gin-making process and choosing your botanicals, then your gin is infused in their copper stills while you try their gins, before it’s bottled to take home. Buy online*

The Piston Gin Distillery in Cheltenham
Piston Gin Distillery

9. Bath Distillery Gin

The Bath Distillery was the first gin distillery in the city for 250 years and is located in the historic heart of Bath. You can call in to their Canary Gin Bar on Queen Street for a ‘Gin’ Austen cocktail, a teapot of gin or a cocktail-making masterclass. And there are tours and tastings at their distillery, which recently moved from beneath the bar to bigger premises on Monmouth Place.

Bath Distillery’s Classic Gin is flavoured with bitter orange, kaffir lime leaf and coriander. They also do a range of infused flavoured gins, with an Orange Sloe Gin and Hopped Rhubarb Gin currently available, and suggestions for cocktails to make with them on their website. Buy online

Cocktails at the Bath distillery Canary Bar
Cocktails at the Canary Bar

10. Bath Botanical Gin

Another Bath-based distillery, the evocatively-named Bath Botanical Gin Distillery & Herbal Apothecary is a small-scale gin producer located across the river from the city centre in Widcombe. It’s a hands-on place with ingredients locally sourced, organic, biodynamic and hand-picked wherever possible, and bottles created, filled, waxed, labelled and numbered by hand.

The distillery is run by Sue Mullett, a medical herbalist who started making herbal elixirs before teaching herself to make gin. Their signature Botanical No.1 Gin is a London Dry gin using hand-picked lime flowers from Bath, and they also make seasonal fruit and small-batch gins. Buy online

Fruity Cotswold gins from the Bath Botanical Gin Company
Fruit gins (photo © Bath Botanical Gin)

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